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I am a fullstack developer with a focus on Angular and TypeScript. With over 1 year of development experience, I am ready to tackle on any challenge that is thrown my way.

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About Me

Here you can read about my story and background.

Professional Journey

In April of 2020, I left my job as a grocery retail manager due to circumstances related to the pandemic. After about two weeks of lounging around, I found the boredom to be a bit much, and began looking for a hobby. I did a quick Google search and came across freeCodeCamp. There I began my studies, learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I continued on with learning a bit of React, jQuery, and other front end libraries before moving on to NodeJS with express and MongoDB. After completing what was, at the time, the entirety of the freeCodeCamp curriculum, I sought to further expand my studies. I dove in to TypeScript, working on a project with a fellow developer I met through the freeCodeCamp community. Then I branched out and explored Angular (the new version, not AngularJS 😉). I discovered a passion for building Discord Bots (my largest project to date is a Discord bot), and have continued to progress my learning since.

Personal Information

Outside of my development circle, I pursue a few hobbies. I am an avid gamer, mostly playing RPG games on the PC. When gaming, I usually play as my old character Becca Lyria. Becca is also the character I use when I play Dungeons and Dragons, another hobby of mine. Trading card games are also something I enjoy, with my favourite being Magic: The Gathering. Finally, with what little time I have left, I enjoy reading a good book.


I have two characters I use (you can see them in the background!)


These are a few projects I have completed.

Becca Lyria

A Discord bot built on the discord.js library with TypeScript. Includes a database connection to MongoDB, multiple API calls, and a number of available features. Documentation page built with Docsify.

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Rosalia Nightsong

An Idle RPG game build into a Discord bot. Allows users to create a character, go on adventures, fight monsters, and loot treasure.

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SendGrid Email Tool

A CLI wizard build with TypeScript. Prompts the user through a series of questions for sending emails through the Twilio SendGrid API. Built for freeCodeCamp.

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Esports Queue Bot

A Discord bot built with TypeScript for the Esports Agent gaming community. Allows users to set their rank for a supported game, enter a queue, and receive a notification when matched with a player of similar rank.

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These are my various professional experiences.


Open Source Scrivener and Bug-Hunter Errant

1 December 2020 - Present

At freeCodeCamp I am part of the team responsible for designing and maintaining the curriculum, client, infrastructure, and tooling which helps millions of people learn to code.


Community Manager

1 January 2022 - Present

As community manager, I am responsible for assisting users with their support queries, as well as running community events and driving growth and engagement.

These are my volunteer experiences.

Commit Your Code

Community Moderator

29 December 2020 - Present

At Commit Your Code, I provide guidance and encouragement for members on their journey to becoming developers. I also enforce the community rules and standards.


Motivational Monk and Champion of Collaboration

26 January 2021 - Present

At EddieHub I help community members make their first (and continued) contributions to open source projects, as well as maintaining a safe and welcome environment for all.


Support Staff

20 March 2021 - Present

Streamcord is a Discord bot that allows users to generate Twitch notifications for their servers. As support staff, I assist users with triaging and resolving issues related to the use of the service.

Esports Agent

Bot Developer

19 April 2021 - Present

Esports Agent is a community for esports competition. I develop custom Discord bots for their server, to facilitate and streamline the operations.


Community Moderator

26 April 2021 - Present

As a community moderator, I ensure the community rules and guidelines are followed, as well as help members in their participation in the Hacktoberfest event.


Community Moderator

4 June 2021 - Present

For Battlesnake, I help new players understand how the Battlesnake system works, and ensure the Discord community is a safe place for them to ask questions.

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Special thanks to these people who provide financial donations so I can continue to build things:

Eddie Jaoude - 5 February 2021

Ooigle - 5 September 2021

Stemount - 8 January 2022

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As always, huge credit to my amazing artist Moonlight!